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07-Dec-2017 08:27

It is likely that men who preferred curvy hourglass figures in women had more children who carried their fathers’ preferences down to the present.

Still, how could an hourglass figure relate to a woman’s success as a mother? But over the past several years, we have been demonstrating that it has a lot to do with intelligence.

as most attractive, irrespective of breast size,” said Dr Dixson, from Victoria University of Wellington.

Reporting in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, he also concluded that the same formula for the “perfect body” on a woman was a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7.

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For example, I see a tough guy with a bunch of tattoos and my instant thought is, “Killer in bed,” while I have friends who think the same when they see a middle-aged guy full of life. So, in all this judging and speculating of others, can our body type say a something about our sex skills? A study out of the University of Leeds has found that women with large hips are more prone to one-night stands and are more open to experimenting sexually.

That this kind of hourglass figure is not only typical of the women men pay to look at, such as Playmates and adult film stars, but is also a preference found in many different social groups and cultural settings, suggests it has been shaped over millennia by evolutionary forces, like our tastes for sugar and fat.

The preferred women are remarkably alike, and the similarity of their measurements and men’s reactions to them further suggests that there is a specific template buried deep in men’s minds.

Despite most men being drawn initially to the woman's cleavage, it was her hips and waist that were in fact what they found most attractive.

“Men rated images with an hourglass shape and a slim waist …In his study, a group of volunteers were shown various pictures of a woman, where her hips, bust, and waist were digitally altered.