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11-Oct-2017 11:51

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Two of the hottest male stars of the moment are in their early 20s, but that has not stopped worldly women from going a bit gaga. I vaguely remember she wrote something about women losing out if they didn't allow themselves to look at beautiful young men, and thus published a coffee-table tome of photographs and art reproductions of young men. She'll feed you all the must-have knowledge for living, breathing, looking hot and socialising in this modern world.

The two hotties, Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame and Zac Efron from High School Musical et al, have plenty of women who should be aiming at a higher age bracket trying to pretend that their hearts are not all a-racing. Now I'm not always one to defend such a polemist who once condemned pap smears and defended female circumcision, but perhaps she had a point. ...although it would have been be better if it had Robert Pattinson in Cedric Diggory guise on the cover. The Pep I am deliriously happy that you have written this.

According to two colleagues and a taxi driver, it happens to blokes all the time.

My successful and gorgeous friend Missy Q found herself once more unlucky in love the other week when she discovered this apparent fact during a mortifying incident of freakish dating behaviour.

A panel of judges at the Miss Australia contest this week decided to make model Stephanie Naumoska a top 10 finalist.

Parading in a bikini, the young woman showed off a body so bony, with skin stretched taut over bones jutting out all over, and muscles obviously wasted, that I'd say the normal reaction is one of shock and bewilderment.

The supermarket was deemed a suitable pick up palace, and so the "is that a banana in your basket or are you just glad to see me" movement was born.

Singles of both sexes began to prowl the shopping aisles with random bananas sitting in the seats of their trolleys where a child is supposed to ride - thus signalling their availability.

And that we don't Google RPatz throughout the work day. What makes it worse is that these two are famous for their work in films definitely aimed directly at teenagers. ------------------------------------------------------- Hey there, I must, must go get this book. Despite having just launched into my late twenties, have secret shameful habit of hiding away in my bedroom watching High School Musical 3 on my laptop so that no-one will see me! Movie reviewers and social commentators keep referring to obsessed tween fans (and their mums at a stretch) as the target market. He actually wrote a song about his infatuation with an older woman now this is the stuff I like to hear in my late twenties! But after only four weeks of dating, helping him through this problem eventually seemed too daunting a task.

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We all know that people come with some baggage, but when does excess baggage simply become too much carry on?

When radio funny men Hamish and Andy asked listeners to help them work out the Upper Efron (ie the oldest women in Australia lusting after the young singing, acting and dancing sensation) there were plenty over 40 fans and even an 80-year-old lady who admitting to sleeping wrapped up in Efron sheets. Follow me on Twitter for all the latest in gossip, entertainment and dating disasters throughout the week. I am in my late 20s and the only other people I know who like him are in their early teens. Haven't men been pulling the same thing for centuries?