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Koreans, on the other had, developed a more aggressive national character because it had to in order to survive as a unique people and nation.

This manifests itself most directly into "han." The negative characteristics of "han" are in taking things (including themselves) way too seriously, holding grudges, impulsiveness, not looking before one leaps, short tempers, overreading situations, obsessive/compulsiveness, wild swings between love and hate, lack of communications with people we don't know very well, etc.

What I am trying to say is that I believe that South Korean girls are the most beautiful of the whole 3.7 billion “Asian” ethnicities and are certainly one of the most beautiful in the world. Is it because the image of the beautiful models in Psy’s Gangdam style and Gentelemen songs dominate my inner deep psychology? I do realize that the models in those two songs don’t resemble the average South Korean girl (more than half of the dancers in the songs have blondish hair : D); none the less, I still believe Koran girls are so gorgeous! When I think of Korea, I can’t help but feel that Korea is the younger and more energetic version of Japan.

The youthful South Korean economy is booming with creativity and excellence.

The assertion that Yekaterina is to marry – made by an authoritative South Korean newspaper – threatens to undermine the Russian prime minister's painstaking efforts to keep his own personal life and that of his two daughters out of the limelight.

But the English-language Joong Ang Daily newspaper said it had learnt that Yekaterina would soon marry the son of former Admiral Yoon Jong-Gu who worked at the South Korean embassy in Moscow in the 1990s.

Even though Mr Putin is Russia's most famous living politician, ordinary Russians know next to nothing about his daughters and would not recognise them if they saw them in the street.I have read numerous posts and questions and answers, watched many documentaries about Korea (both North and South Korea).It has been a long and interesting trip in which I knew that I cannot understand the Korean culture and the Korean people without studying and understanding their history. Note: This stereotype article is about South Korea only.It’s especially odd when Korean women who are married bring up this topic as I wouldn’t assume that their husbands are any certain way but they assume a lot about mine. Easy, I have no idea how your husband will turn out.

Good, bad or ugly, you’re about to make a promise though, so you should be ready to follow through.

However, one must remember that "han" is a double edged sword (or coin, if you will).