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13-Aug-2017 21:09

Scott Dame, 63, opened fire on the Burmese python after his 10-year-old grandson found it around 200 yards from his house wrapped around the young female goat.

Dame's first shot managed to uncoil the snake but it took several before it died. Dame, who owns Dame Pest Solutions, filmed the incident and his granddaughter shared footage of it on social media.

He then proceeded to circle, dumping fuel - which would have dangerously increased the chance of a fire or explosion.

The landing went as smoothly as possible, but eventually the plane spun out and violently lurched to the left, coming to a stop on the grass next to the tarmac.

The twin-engined private plane, which had four people on board, was flying from Belize in Central America to Tampa, Florida.

Shortly after take-off the pilot was told that one of wheels on the plane's landing gear had fallen off.

However, the plane looks almost completely undamaged and the three passengers and pilot can be seen emerging.

They are all shaken but unharmed - and one even brings his luggage with him.

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